Mission Statement

Mission Statement 
Skinuverse is a community inspiring the art of intelligent conversation among eumelanated people around the planet for progress, unification, and achievement. Skinuverse connects our rich cultural lineage expressed through fashion, art, and music with financial literacy, knowledge of self, and a community resources for our unification and ascension. 



Cultural Expressions (FAM)

Fashion excites confidence, maximizes productivity, and creates community. Your wardrobe is an expression of your individuality and creates a physical representation that people judge within the first 3 seconds of seeing you. What does your wardrobe express about you? Do you want to present differently as a more powerful person and seen as royalty. Your wardrobe speaks for you before you utter a word. Wearing specific garments can spark conversation with a stranger. Thus granting yourself an enhanced opportunities to meet like minded people. A style, logo, brand, or name creates a sense of community. Wearing Skinuverse clothing lets the world know you present as royalty with a proud awareness of your lineage, and knowledge of self. Instantly meet the like minded people that vibrate on a higher frequency of royalty.

Art inspires thinking. It arouses, activates, and awakens the imagination to endless possibilities. What's imagined in the mind can translate and manifest in reality. Seeing an art piece that speaks to you can help manifestation your inner desires. A visual representation and daily reminder of art in your home can lead to an increased appetite for that goal to be achieved. Art can also inspire a change in mindset to lift one self to a higher frequency. Skinuverse art is designed to help you reach your highest frequency of mindset, financial empowerment, harmonious relationships, holistically thinking, providing remnants of our lost ancient knowledge to catapult you to a royal frequency of your highest capacity. 

Music creates culture and can elevate a community of people through conscious and subconscious harmonic frequency. Music can be used as a programming of the mind that controls your thought, actions, and perception. The rhythm, drums, and instrumentation of a song causes a person to move which we call dance. The words spoken in rhythm to the instrumental shapes the individual consciousness. As a song gains popularity it programs the community of people to alter the culture of the people. We as a community have not controlled our music thus we have not controlled and owned our culture for quite some time. We intend to raise the frequency of our culture through positive message but not compromising the quality of beats and instrumentation. Everybody can recognize good music instantly and a positive message with high production level compatible to radio productivity is of the highest importance.